Part 3 – Building a Bridge to Your Ideal Clients


March 16, 2018

brianBrian Whetten, Ph.D.
Bestselling Author of Yes Yes Hell No! and Founder of Selling By Giving

taylorNicole Whetten, M.A.
Master Coach, Intuitive, and Founder of Selling By Giving

In this free, 60-minute
Live webinar, you are going to discover:

  • How to radically simplify your marketing so it actually feels good

  • 3 Keys that change everything

  • The 3 most effective marketing campaigns we've seen

  • How to fill your practice with grace and ease

This is the 3rd webinar in our free 3-Part Marketing Made Simple Webinar series.

Particularly if you work as a coach, therapist, healer, or transformational leader, and you wish you had an easier way of connecting with your ideal clients or patients, come discover a conscious, proven, step-by-step system for how to do so.

Developed over 12 years, this simple, easy approach is how 83% of our one year graduates increase their incomes, by an average of $43,000 a year.

In this free, 60-minute webinar, we’re going to explore why Marketing can feel complicated and how to get past that, filling your practice in ways you truly love.

You’ll also get your questions answered about the Marketing Made Simple program, launching September 18th, 2017

This is not a boring, dry webinar. It’s a live, interactive video conference – so show up ready to interact, connect with like minded souls, and open yourself to receive.

We look forward to connecting with you then!


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