How to Build the Business You Want in Ways You Truly Love

How to Build the Business You Want in Ways You Truly Love

The Practice Building Breakthrough
October 21st to 23rd - Crowne Plaza LAX

This event is for change makers.

It’s for people who are committed to making a bigger difference in the world, but for whom the traditional ways of marketing and selling their services have felt painful and out of integrity.

Does that describe you? If so, in these three days you are going to learn a completely new way of doing business. It’s a holistic approach, where each piece of your business can be performed with the same level of integrity, care, love and joy that you live your life with.

You’re going to discover how to build the business you want in ways you truly love. It’s the one thing that changes everything.

Oh yeah…and you’re going to live, laugh, love, dance, move, connect, draw, sing and shine while doing so.

Early registration closes September 30th. So please, if this calls to you, check it out today.

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