Yes Yes Hell No!

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What does it take to create an extraordinary life? One where you make a difference, have amazing relationships, achieve your dreams, live your purpose, and experience great happiness?  

You have to be able to:

  • Make big decisions. A big decision is a choice where the stakes are high and you feel conflicted about the alternatives.
  • Create big wins. A big win is a goal that’s heartfelt, specific, and scary. It’s a dream or a desire that matters so much it frightens you.
  • Make friends with your fears. The problem with big wins and big decisions is that they trigger your fears. And the harder you fight against those fears, the stronger they become. Instead, your opportunity is to release the inner conflict by learning how to turn your fears into some of your most trustworthy friends.

This book contains what may be the single most powerful and reliable tool there is for developing these three skills. This tool works in a wide range of areas. It’s free, fun, and non-fattening. Plus, it creates remarkable results. And it all starts by discovering what it means to experience a Yes Yes Hell No!

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