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Jaia's Story

Last April, I received an email from Ron and Mary Hulnick about a consciousness business three day event, facilitated by Brian and Nicole. I felt it was a yes, but at that point I had invested a lot over the last few years in business building programs, telling myself I would pay them off before investing any more. In one of these other programs’ live events it was shared, “You have to motivate people with fear, but know that it’s for their own good. There is no other way to effectively sell.”

I knew the benefits of the work I do, and I saw how these types of sales worked well for others, but I just couldn’t imagine tricking, or scaring, someone into working with me “for their own good.” I had done spiritual and healing work for almost twenty years, sometimes up to sixty hours a week, through charity and volunteer services, sometimes receiving donations and tithes, not needing other work to supply an income in that time, and deep down I didn’t really think there was a way to do what I did in a totally aligned way within a business structure.

In 2004 I created a business around my work but was more of a financial drain and I let it go. Then a friend tried to set up a non profit in 2012. Fell through. The message I kept getting from Spirit was that I needed to do this work in a formal business structure, not as a charity. I surrendered to that fully in 2014, and while I moved into more extended session work, and into a bit more of a coaching structure, even when things went well, I could only chalk it up to Grace and meetings by Divine Appointment for the most part. And, it was all driving me a bit crazy!

I noticed a significant shift when I facilitated a Goddess class in the Spring, feeling the work going to another level. During that time I had a dream where I was riding a bicycle and the bridge was out. I actually fell hundreds of feet through the air on my bicycle (landing safely) and meeting a mentor at the time at the bottom who said he had something to show me. A bridge showed up in the next level of that work. I share this because, after I had participated via internet in Brian and Nicole’s three day conscious business event (where they shared doing sales in total integrity is what they help people do! hallelujah! ), I was talking to one of their coaches, Kelly, and she said, ‘I think Brian can help you to create a bridge’. I immediately thought of the bridge dream. Along with that, about fifteen years ago, the inner message came that I was to “be a bridge”. Okay, okay, got the message.

So, even though I knew it was truly aligned for me to work with Brian and Nicole, I just didn’t know ‘how’ that was going to happen as I was quite in the hole financially by that point. I will never forget the moment. I was sitting in my car, pulled off on one of the exits of the 5 freeway in northern California, on my way to facilitate my first five day retreat in Mt. Shasta. I was talking with Brian in an enrollment call ( who is a true master of aligned enrollment ) and I was sharing that I had no plan to offer anything to the woman participating in the five days, even though I had offered coaching packages before, I was just looking forward to facilitating the retreat.

At that point Brian generously shared a way to structure the event to not only enroll in an aligned way, but to serve at a deeper level in the process. This led to over $30,000 in contracted sales, and, just as significant for me, to a place where I had zero attachment and didn’t set up one follow up phone call. I asked anyone interested to contact me for a call after we all got back home.

Just recently an ideal client enrolled in a year long program I envisioned offering over a year and a half ago. Not only is the fee, being paid in full up front, far beyond what I could have imagined receiving in the days of my non profit, “charge as little as you possibly can” spiritual mindset, with Brian's help I now see that the fee actually allows me to be of service at altogether new levels. And again, one of the biggest wins is that I have a structure (several now) which can hold the higher energy and allow everyone involved to know exactly where we are and where we’re going, without compromising the natural and organic flow. That means everything.

I’m about four months into working with Brian and Nicole (along with the amazing and beautiful group of beings in our group), and am continually surprised and delighted by the depth of the work as well as the amount of tools and ‘bridging strategies’ that are allowing me to begin to speak to anyone about what I do in a way that feels totally aligned. It honestly feels like a miracle. I’m so grateful to have found Brian and Nicole, and their enlightened business program, and only wish I could have found it sooner…. while at the same time, knowing that when you’re ready, the teacher(s) appear.

If you have any questions about my experience, I’d be happy to connect. Send me an email at


Elsie's Experience

(The Conscious Business Breakthrough used to be called the Practice Building Breakthrough)


Kristin's Story

Ever since graduating from the University of Santa Monica, my dream was to leave my accounting career and create a coaching practice. The problem I kept coming up against was that I sucked at marketing. I know I’m great at what I do, but I didn’t know how to tell people about my work without sounding pushy. The whole process of “selling” just felt insincere to me.

When I heard about Brian and Nicole's event this past April, I’d recently taken a big leap of faith and quit my job. I had signed up some accounting clients to help pay the bills, but with each one it felt like I was betraying my calling and my dream.

My business was just turning into another job, and I felt trapped. It felt like I either had to stay in accounting and betray my soul, or abandon that work and just focus fully on my coaching practice. But I didn’t have any trust that I could get enough clients to survive.

I attended their event in April. What we did that weekend resonated deeply to me, and was so grounded in detailed, step by step processes, that it gave me hope that I could really have my dream. I joined their one year program, and they helped me discover an option I didn’t even think was possible.

Instead of choosing between accounting and coaching, I’m creating a business that merges both. Instead of just doing their books, I’m coaching my small business clients on how to really lead and grow their businesses. Last week, one of my clients burst into tears of gratitude for how I’m helping her with her business and her life, saying she doesn’t know where she’d be without me.

Selling By Giving has changed my life, as well as my perspective on marketing! I now have a deeper understanding of how to bring the practical and the spiritual together in my work, where I’m bringing consciousness to my accounting clients and grounding to my spiritual clients. I’m trusting that I really can do both. I value the work I do in a deeper, more integrated way, and I’m already on track to making significantly more money than I ever did at my job.

If you feel trapped between your job and your dream, I encourage you to come to their live event.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


Debbie's Experience


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