April 20th – 22nd, 2018 at the
Los Angeles Airport Hilton Hotel

Welcome Change Makers!

You’re here because you’re a spiritually-aligned coach, counselor, healer, transformational leader or conscious entrepreneur. Your business involves helping people change.

And while you don’t always show it off in public, let’s be clear – when it comes to your work, you’re a bit of a spiritual badass. You have tremendous value to offer. You’ve done your inner work. You know you have gifts, and you’re committed to bringing them to the world.

And whether you’ve already built a successful business or you’re just getting ready to start one, you lead from a place of integrity. You’re unwilling to compromise your values to get ahead.

Yet for some reason, building your business has often seemed harder than it should. You may find yourself procrastinating when it comes to marketing your services. Or you feel conflicted about selling them. You may worry about charging too much (or too little). Or you may struggle to clearly describe your services in ways that people know exactly who to refer to you.

You know you’re meant to be doing something special in the world, but there’s been a block keeping you from reaching the next level.

This block isn’t a problem with you. It’s a problem with how you’ve been taught to do business. It’s something that you can release with a single shift.

And we’re going to show you how.


You really can make a real difference and a great living at the same time

Most people feel like they have to sacrifice either their purpose or their pocketbook. Like they have to choose between being a poor teacher or a rich banker. And if you just want to have a job where you work for someone else, that’s true. You often have to pick.

Thankfully, more and more people are waking up and discovering that there’s a third choice. Instead of having to pick between money and meaning, you can create a conscious business where you get paid for helping change people’s lives.

Whether as an executive coach, therapist, acupuncturist, life coach, holistic healer, or other type of purpose driven service provider, this is the best time ever to build a business as a change maker.

There’s just one problem you need to solve, in order to do so.

A Conscious Approach With Proven Results

Over the last 12 years, we’ve supported thousands of change makers. To make sure our clients are receiving high levels of value, we’ve measured their results. Our leading program is a one year training called the Conscious Business Academy. It produces remarkably consistent results.

  • On average, graduates increase their incomes by $42,000 a year
  • 83% create financial results worth at least $15,000 a year
  • 96% report that they received exceptional value

It does so by helping soulopreneurs solve one essential problem: how to shift from acting like an employee or a profit-driven entrepreneur, to being a purpose driven conscious entrepreneur.

Debbie is a great example of this shift. When we connected with her a few years ago, Debbie was a licensed therapist who, after working for an agency for five years, had taken the leap and started a private practice. Yet after a year of hard work, she was making less than $20,000 a year. She didn’t want to quit and get another low paying job. Yet all the standard marketing and business tactics she saw other people using, weren’t working for her.

The problem was everything she tried was either ineffective or felt out of integrity. Either she’d waste a bunch of time and not get results, or she’d try something and it felt so off to her that she just couldn’t bring herself to do it.

Debbie attended the Conscious Business Breakthrough, and discovered the “third way” of building your business, where everything she did – sales, marketing, pricing, positioning – felt completely aligned with her purpose and calling. And it worked! Between the breakthroughs she created at the live event, and her work in the Academy, within 6 months she was making $110,000 a year as a therapist and relationship coach. Her clients were receiving extraordinary value. And she was loving her work, her life and her business.

As another example, despite being a 500 million copy best selling author and one of the founders of the field, Jack Canfield told us that in 30 years of trying, he’d never found an approach to selling his programs from stage that felt in alignment to him. He wasn’t willing to do table rush and hard sales, so he ended up just giving lots of value…and experiencing very low sales.

After learning about Selling By Giving, Jack said that it was the first approach he’d found that had enough alignment and integrity for him to use. So he hired us to coach him and his team, and today he’s creating another level of results.

Clients Share Their Stories and Experience

Come Play With Your Fellow Transformational Rock Stars

We know..this work is all about humility and service. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also be a transformational rock star!

We’re here to help you remember who you are, what you’re here to do, and how to do it. And we’ve got some rock stars lined up to help.


The Brothers Koren have opened for Pink, Bon Jovi, Coldplay and Rob Stewart. They just released their eighth album. And they have an astonishing calling and consciousness. Friday night they will be facilitating a musical keynote that blow your mind and uplift your soul.

Cheryl Esposito is one of America’s top conscious business coaches. With more than 20 years experience coaching and facilitating senior leaders, as a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, and as the author of The Spirit of Leadership, she is one of the brightest lights in our field. Come learn from her what’s really happening inside Corporate America – and how you can help.

And your heart will be opened by the sacred poetry of the Reverend Greta Sasheta. A minister at Agape for 14 years, she lives her life in faith and grace, and will inspire you to do the same.

I never planned to do the work we’re doing.

Hi, I’m Brian Whetten, and this is my wife Nicole. We’re the founders of Selling By Giving…as well as the parents of our two adorable daughters.

20 years ago, I was at Berkeley, developing third generation Internet software – just as the first generation got rolled out to the public. My dream had been to make $60,000 a year programming. Instead, my first job out of college involved raising $20 million for two Silicon Valley startups. I learned a lot about business – really, really fast. I made and lost millions three times before I turned 30, and burned out twice.

With the second burnout, I had a spiritual crisis and wake up experience, and found myself taking a cliff dive into the “world of woo woo.” I quit working and spent years studying with all the best teachers, coaches, counselors and healers I could find.

But there was one thing I just couldn’t understand.

“Why aren’t people lined up for miles, to take advantage of this transformational work?”

I couldn’t figure out why it seemed that the more conscious people were, and the more value they had to offer, the harder it often seemed to be for them to build a business actually doing so.

Do you want to quickly discover what it took it took me years to find out? Then do this 30 second exercise.

Ask yourself two questions. First, on a scale of 1-10, how much intimacy does your work require? Are you offering superficial, commoditized services, or is your work more private and sacred?

Then on that same scale of 1-10, how much integrity does your work require? Are you okay with doing whatever it takes to make a buck, or are you only able to do things that are in full alignment with your intuition and inner truth?

Got it? Well, here’s what I had to struggle to learn. The more intimacy your services require, the more intimacy your marketing requires. And the more integrity you require, the more integrity your approach to selling requires.

The problem is that just about everything we see modeled in business is based on scarcity and stress. It’s based on Selling By Taking.


But that’s the opposite of what’s going to work for you.

This is the one thing that changed everything for me. The discovery that traditional business is the opposite of what works for selling transformational services.

But it’s pretty much the only thing that people are taught.

Until now.

Imagine. What would change if you were serving as many people as you could handle, with a 3 month waiting list?

How would it feel if you had such confidence in your business that you could take a luxurious, one month vacation each year?

And what if you were able to transform every single piece of your business, from marketing to sales to pricing to delivery, into a simple, easy, enjoyable system?


You are not the problem

Pop quiz. How many of the following challenges do you experience when it comes to building your business?

You have a strong sense of purpose but you feel like it pulls you in many directions at once.

Pricing. You struggle to charge what your services are really worth.

Procrastination. You regularly procrastinate when it comes to selling and marketing your services.

Positioning. You don’t know how to describe to people what you do in ways that cause them to refer great clients or patients to you.

Plan. You don’t have a simple plan that you trust, for what you’re going to do each day to build your business.

Panic. You regularly experience fears or insecurities about whether you have what it takes to be successful.

If you experience these challenges, you’re not alone. More than 90% of change makers struggle with at least 4 of these 6 issues. Not because there’s something wrong with them. But because there’s something wrong with the way we’ve been taught to do business.

These “6 P’s” are all symptoms of a single, core problem.
Traditional business doesn’t work for what we do. In fact, it’s the opposite of what’s going to work for you.

When you really get this in your body, everything changes. It’s like a door opens up in front of you, and you’re able to walk forward on your path. If your calling is to make a difference in people’s lives, our calling is to help you make a bigger difference, to more people. Because the world needs what you have to offer. It needs you to be successful.

In 3 days, you’re going to learn how to build the business you want, in this new, different, more effective, more conscious, more enjoyable way.

If you love providing your services, but feel conflicted or overwhelmed when it comes to selling and marketing your services, what you’re going to learn could change your life, save you tens of thousands of dollars, make you tens of thousands of dollars, and take years off the time it takes you to be successful.

No, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. You have to be willing to do both your inner and outer work. No, we can’t take everything you’d get in an extended program and compress it into just 3 days. This is about a journey you walk, not just a class that you take.

And no, this isn’t just about making more money. It’s about growing your consciousness and helping others do the same.

And – if you’re courageous enough to be following your calling and turning it into your career, then yes – let’s help you do so in a way where you can make a bigger difference and also get paid really well at the same time.

This is not a class. It’s a highly experiential, value packed, knock your socks off, transformational training.

In just three fun, uplifting, life changing days, you will be creating lasting breakthroughs in each of these six areas:

Connect With Your Purpose and Bring it to the World

At the live event you will…

  • Discover the real reason why people often feel like their purpose wants to go every direction at once
  • Connect with the line of purpose energy that wants to come through you
  • Ground your purpose and focus it in clear, enjoyable and productive ways
Release the inner conflicts that have been holding you back

At the live event you will…

  • Discover the real reason why people procrastinate when it comes to selling and marketing their services
  • Increase your motivation in a positive, sustainable and powerful way
  • Learn how to get out of your own way
Create Your Conscious Business Plan – And Do it in Crayon!

At the live event you will…

  • Discover the real reason why people struggle to create a plan that they trust
  • Shift from thinking like an employee to acting as a conscious entrepreneur
  • Craft a simple, step by step action plan you can really follow – Your Plan in Crayon
Confidently Own Your Value and Raise Your Prices

At the live event you will…

  • Discover the real reason why people feel conflicted over the value they offer and how to price their services
  • Learn the deep secret for how to consistently provide exceptional value
  • Claim your value and increase your pricing in ways you fully trust

Describe what you do in clear and compelling ways

At the live event you will…

  • Discover the real reason why people struggle to describe what they do
  • Pick your niche in a way that works – and makes your heart sing
  • Find the invitations your ideal clients or patients are already offering you
Make Friends With the Fears That Have Been Holding You Back

At the live event you will…

  • Discover the real reason why people feel so much fear as they walk this path
  • Learn how to tell when this means you’re going the right way
  • Master an extraordinarily powerful tool for releasing your fears in a sustainable way

Reserve Your Space

Join us Friday April 20th to Sunday April 22nd, 2018

Friday 7pm – 11pm
Saturday 9am – 6pm plus a surprise gift that night
Sunday 9am – 6pm

To receive the highest value, we recommend you treat it as a 3 day retreat and attend in person. If you can’t attend live, particularly if you live outside the US, there is an interactive, virtual live stream option as well.

Attend In Person – $995Attend Virtually – $595

The Hilton Hotel has a free shuttle from the Los Angeles International Airport. To receive the room rate of $139/night, please book no later than April 4th.  You can book directly here at this link, or call 1-800-HILTONS and use the group code CBB

Your In Person Registration Includes

Two VIP Meals ($197 Value)

Enjoy two healthy, delicious, 3 course catered lunches on Saturday and Sunday.

Most conscious entrepreneurs are one connection or partnership away from the next level of success. Slow down, connect with your fellow transformational rock stars, and build relationships with this amazing group of people.

This bonus includes any special food requests you have, as long as you email them to jonny@corecoaching.org by April 4th.

Your Fast Path Strategic Planning Process ($500 Value)

In this three part planning process, which includes a 60-minute individual session with one of our senior Selling By Giving coaches, you will…

  • Get crystal clear on your inspired and grounded vision
  • Determine the 10% of your actions that are going to create 90% of your results
  • Uncover the roots of any blocks that have been holding you back

Your Virtual Registration Includes

Your Fast Path Strategic Planning Process ($500 Value)

In this three part planning process, which includes a 60 minute individual session with one of our senior Selling By Giving coaches, you will…

  • Get crystal clear on your inspired and grounded vision
  • Determine the 10% of your actions that are going to create 90% of your results
  • Uncover the roots of any blocks that have been holding you back

Participate Fully From the Comfort of Your Home

You won’t just be a passive observer. You’ll be in the middle of the event. When the participants go into a partner exercise, you will be put into a private video conference with one other partner so you can do the exercise too. When people share in the room, you can too – and be heard by all, and seen on the big screen. When a presenter is speaking, there’s a 3-camera shoot set up to give you the full experience of being there in the room. While it’s still not the same as being there in person, it’s as close as we can make it – all from the comfort of your own home.

Your Exceptional Value Guarantee

The last thing we want is for you to sign up and not receive WAY more value than you paid for. So come and play full out with us for 3 days. And if you aren’t wowed by your experience, let us know within 7 days after the event, and we’ll happily issue you a full refund.

Questions? We’re Here to Support You!

If you think this is a fit for you, then please – sign up! We’d love to have the opportunity to share this time with you, and we can’t wait to discover the breakthroughs you’re going to create.

And if you’re not sure, or if you have any questions – please ask! Call Carol at 305-895-1866 between 9am – 9pm Eastern time or email Kelly at kelly@corecoaching.org. Carol and Kelly are two of our senior coaches and they’d be happy to help you get clear whether or not this is a fit for you.

What people are saying about this
new, proven, conscious system…

  • Selling By Giving is the best approach I’ve seen in the last ten years in this industry. I was so impressed that I hired Brian and Nicole to coach me and my team.

    Jack Canfield 500 Million Copy Best Selling Author
  • I just completed Brian’s retreat…. For the second time. I took it the first time this July and It was amazing. I was a brand new coach. I didn’t have any clients. I started my practice in September. It’s December now and since then I have 7 full-time clients. I’ve created $18,000 in contracts. The value I’ve received from this program is amazing. I’m going to continue working with Brian over the next 12 months and I can’t wait to see where his teachings and tools will take my practice. If you’re thinking about making the investment this weekend it’s wonderful.

    Elsie Storm Transformational Coaching
  • I have the utmost respect and love for Brian, because he helped me get to the place of integrity and alignment that I value most. He has mastered the process of heart-centered enrollment, of how you stand in integrity, in that place of loving the enrollment conversation and loving business.

    Max Simon CEO of Big Vision Business
  • Thanks to Brian, I increased my income by $74,600 in one year. This stuff works!

    Susan Ortolano Relationship Coach
  • I have often stated that I wish I could find someone who does for me what I do for laboring women. Well, Brian Whetten has become my money doula. If you have the chance to work with this brilliant young man, run towards the opportunity as fast as your heart will carry you.

    Tanya McHale Monitrice and Pregnancy Coach
  • It has been a complete paradigm shift. I don’t think anyone out there is offering this. It is very, very unique. I also had some tremendous spiritual shifts this weekend that I was not expecting to get.

    Amy Allen Energy Healer and Transformative Teacher
  • Brian is a gift in the business and transformational world. As a speaker and author in the personal development field it was very difficult for me to integrate the business aspect and transformational work. There used to be extreme conflict between making money and helping people. In fact, it was such a pain point that for years I would over extend myself with my work, until I met Brian and gained great insight. Brian’s teaching and training not only addresses how to build a business with transformational work, he explains why healers and transformational leaders collectively struggle with this and most importantly how to move through it. His heart centered approach helps you get aligned with your purpose and move towards what you are meant to be doing on this planet, while creating a financial flow.

    Makayla Léone Speaker & #1 Best-Selling Author
  • We received this [strategy session] ahead of time, asking where we were, where we wanted to be, and what was getting in the way. I utilized what I learned and the week before I came to the event I literally got three clients at $3,000 each, signed sealed and delivered, utilizing just what I learned. The sky is the limit. If you are considering anything you definitely want to work in some way with Brian Whetten. His work is amazing and his team is awesome as well.

    Dr. Marilyn Joyce Healer and Coach
  • If you get triggered (like I do) around selling your services…run – don’t walk – to get some of Brian’s material. This stuff is amazing, and I hope you find as much value from it as I have.

    Doug Miller Executive Coach

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