Whether you’re a coach, counselor or healer seeking to build your business, or you’re a self-aware executive or manager seeking to truly lead instead of manage – you know there’s another level you’re meant to reach. Another level of success to be had or of contribution you want to make. You just haven’t figured out how yet.

It’s not enough to just have a successful career, where you do what you’re told, turn off your feelings, and do whatever it takes to get ahead. You want to make a difference in the world, have time for your friends and family, and experience true abundance.  You want it all.  And you don’t want to give yourself up and sacrifice your values in order to get it.


The problem is that you feel stuck. Either you’ve built a successful career, but it feels unfulfilling; like you found success but lost your purpose.  Perhaps you excel at work, but it feels like you can’t fully be yourself in that environment.  This success is what we refer to as Power – your ability to create success in your life.

Or you feel like you’re on purpose, doing the work you know you’re meant to be doing, but not finding success in the process.  It feels like in order to create the impact you want to make and find success, you have to compromise your integrity and sell out. 

You either have power and success but are missing your purpose, or you have purpose but are missing power and success. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The reality is that everyone with power has a deep sense of purpose, but few know how to access it. Everyone with purpose has the seeds of immense power, but few know how to trust themselves with it. 

What if you could have BOTH?


THE & EXPERIENCE is a life-changing weekend that will help you claim your power and unleash your purpose—to build a sense of ownership for your unique gifts and to trust yourself to wield them. It will help you transform your relationship with the fear that’s holding you back, reframe the challenges you face every day, and create lasting breakthroughs that will change the way you live and the way you lead.



If you’re on purpose but lacking success, you likely feel stuck between two bad choices: sacrifice your integrity, do “traditional marketing”, and use aggressive sales and marketing tactics that don’t feel aligned OR remain true to your integrity, and sacrifice your success, being what we call “poor but pure.” 

If that’s you, the real problem is that you haven’t learned how to own your power in an authentic way. Most people associate power with dominance, authority, or popularity. In reality, Authentic Power comes from your ability to hold space, listen to and trust your truth, and find ways of doing business that feel aligned.


If you have power and success but are lacking purpose, you likely feel stuck between two different bad choices: sacrifice your authenticity and show up to your career as someone you’re not OR quit your career and search for your purpose and authenticity.

If that’s you, the real problem is that you haven’t learned to harness your purpose in an authentic way. Most people associate purpose with having a noble cause, like being a nurse or a teacher. They think that it’s something you do. But in reality, purpose is an energy that comes through you; one you can access and use in any job, in any place, at any time.

Once you learn how.



There is one core problem keeping you from owning both your authentic power and purpose.


Fear is what limits your power. Fear is what blocks your purpose. It’s what keeps you feeling like you’re stuck and playing small.

In just two days, as you learn how to step into your Authentic Leadership, you will transform your relationship with fear where it’s no longer a problem. It’s no longer an enemy. It no longer holds you back. 

The purpose of fear is not to stop you. It is not a weakness. It is a warning. Fear will work tirelessly to bring your awareness to the dangers that exist along your path, but ultimately it’s there to help you move forward. When you shift from fighting your fear to embracing it, it becomes part of your internal guidance system. So the voice in your head can shift from a debilitating critic into a trusted ally.

As you learn to work with your fear, you become trustworthy with POWER. As you learn to listen to its warnings, you become open to your PURPOSE.

Power & Purpose—You don’t have to choose. You’re ready to step into your next level of leadership. You’re ready for THE & EXPERIENCE.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Saturday, 9am-6pm
Our first amazing day will center around helping you open up to the deep sense of purpose that wants to come through you. We will help you discover and work with fears that you have created to conceal your deeper purpose, and we will empower you with grounded and aligned tools to bring your WHOLE SELF to every aspect of your work – and your life.

The program will be followed by an optional 3-course dinner to connect with our current students and learn about our year-long programs.
    DAY 2
    Sunday, 9am-6pm

    Our second day will focus on helping you embrace your unique gifts as the superpowers that they are, and most importantly, to trust yourself to wield them. We will help you work with the self-limiting fear that has been holding you back, and we will prepare you with grounded and aligned tools to help you show up as an AUTHENTIC LEADER in your daily life. 

    The program will be followed by an optional 3-course dinner to connect with our current students and learn about our year-long programs.


      LOS ANGELES, NOV 3-4, 2018

      To receive the highest value, we recommend that you attend in person. If you can't attend live, particularly if you live outside the US, there is an interactive, virtual live stream option as well.

      Attend In Person – $495

      In person registration includes a 3-course luncheon each day, and an optional dinner Saturday night.

      Attend Virtually – $395

      Virtual registration includes full event participation through our highly interactive, livestream option.


      The Sheraton Hotel has a free shuttle from the Los Angeles International Airport. To receive the room rate of $139/night, please book no later than October 10th.  You can book directly here at this link,
      or call 1-310-642-1111 and use the group code Core Coaching.



      If you think this powerful experience is a fit for you, wonderful! We can't wait to see you there. If you're feeling both inspired and scared or conflicted, terrific! That's what we call a Yes Yes Hell No - and it's one of the best possible ways of knowing you're on course for a significant breakthrough. We would love to be a part of helping you discover what is possible for you.

      Love and light, Brian and Nicole


      The last thing we want is for you to sign up and not receive WAY more value than you paid for. So come and play full out with us for 2 days. And if you aren't wowed by your experience, let us know within 7 days after the event, and we'll happily issue you a full refund.


      If you’re not sure, or if it feels like would be helpful to talk to someone about whether this is event is right for you, please reach out to or call 888-523-7363 between 9am - 6pm Central time. One of our senior coaches will be happy to connect with you and help you get clear on your decision.