Wizards in a Muggle World

Happy Holidays! Wow, this year has flown by fast. We hope it’s been a great one for you, and that you and your loved ones are doing well.

Over the last year, we’ve noticed something, both about the people who are drawn to work with us, and about more and more of the people we’re meeting.

They feel like they’re wizards in a muggle world.

We’re big fans of the Harry Potter books. If you are as well, then you know that it’s a world of “Wizards” and “Muggles.” Muggle is the term the wizards use for non-wizard humans – those who live in the “real” world and don’t believe that magic exists.

Wizards feel like they’re different and don’t really fit in. Like they have unusual powers – and unusual challenges as well. Can you relate?

We’ve seen this pattern with many of the teens and millennials we’ve been connecting with. And we’ve certainly experienced it ourselves.

For example, we recently had dinner with one of our dear friends and her 19 year old daughter Lilly. Lilly is an extraordinarily powerful young woman, whom we recognized immediately. But for ten years, she’d been struggling academically, socially and emotionally. She thought there was something wrong with her. And her teachers had as well. In the last five years, Lilly had received four different diagnoses, attended six different schools, and been put on three different medications.

But there wasn’t anything wrong with Lilly. She was just an untrained wizard, who hadn’t yet learned how to harness her powers.

Lilly had a handful of challenges, none of which she understood. Over dinner, we explored the “spiritual superpower” each was paired with, and how to recognize and start using it.

In connecting with her, something snapped into place for us as well. It’s like we were seeing a pattern clearly for the first time. We want to share it with you, and hear your thoughts as well.

From our perspective, wizards have five core “spiritual superpowers,” each of which comes with at least one deep challenge. These challenges are the symptoms of an untrained wizard, who haven’t yet learned how to understand and harness their powers.

The most common challenge is around emotional sensitivity. At dinner, we asked Lilly, “on a scale of 1-10, how empathic and emotionally sensitive are you?”

“15,” she replied.

Lilly had spent years trying to build a hard shell, so people’s feelings wouldn’t get to her as much. She’d rebelled socially. Put on a cynical attitude. Tried drugs. Become a loner. Dropped out of classes.

But nothing had worked. No matter what she did, she felt emotionally out of control. She didn’t trust herself to stay centered, let alone to focus on her classes and assignments. She was constantly oscillating emotionally (highs and lows) and mentally (hyper-focus and no focus).

What Lilly didn’t see was that her empathy was a superpower. She has an extraordinary capacity to sense what others are feeling. What they want and need. What’s really going on for them. It’s like she has X-Ray Vision into other people.

Her challenge was that she hadn’t yet learned how to separate her feelings from theirs. She automatically and unconsciously kept taking on other people’s emotional energy. All that negativity the other teens kept repressing and pretending wasn’t there? She took it on, without knowing this was what she was doing – or why.

The good news is that there are proven tools and skills for how to harness each of these five powers. As you do so, the challenges drop away while the strengths remain.

Does this resonate? On a scale of 1-10, how empathic and emotionally sensitive are you? What challenges has this brought up for you? What skills have you learned that have most helped you?

Please post your thoughts below. And stay tuned for the next four.