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The #1 problem in our industry is that most people don’t know WHICH things to do – and in which order. We want to help you fix this, so you can make a bigger difference, and make a great living, doing the work you love.

In this 60 minute Fast Path Strategy Session one of our senior coaches will help you get clear on where you’re at, where you want to be, and what the simplest, easiest, most enjoyable path is for you to get there.

It’s a $500 value. To qualify, you need to:

  • Be a purpose driven coach, counselor, healer or conscious entrepreneur
  • Be fully committed to turning your calling into your career
  • Either be making at least $10,000 a year with your practice, or have at least $10,000 you can invest in growing it

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  • Selling By Giving is the best approach I’ve seen in the last decade in this industry. I was so impressed that I hired Brian and Nicole to coach me and my team.

    Jack Canfield 500 Million Copy Bestselling Author
  • Without the work I did with Brian, our company probably would have gone bankrupt in 2009. Instead, we’re now thriving, I can’t believe how much I’ve grown as a leader, and I’m loving my life.

    Jennifer Taylor CEO, Quantum Touch
  • I have the utmost respect and love for Brian, because he helped me get to the place of integrity and alignment that I value most.

    Max Simon CEO, Big Vision Business
  • With almost no fanfare or self-promotion, Brian is becoming a legend in our industry. I’m inspired by how he models what it means to be a master coach, and by how he helps others, including me, to do the same.

    Morgana Rae The Money Magnet Queen

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